Babywearing Fun Facts

Babywearing Facts

24 Feb Babywearing Fun Facts

With more and more parents being drawn to attachment parenting philosophy and babywearing there is a lot of information out there. However, sometimes it can be a lot to process so a nice list of facts can make a parent’s life infinitely easier. Whether you are a babywearing enthusiast or not here are some babywearing fun facts that you will surely find interesting.

  1. Studies indicate that babies that are worn tend to cry 43 percent less overall.
  2. Studies also indicate that babies that are worn cry 54 percent less at night.
  3. 3 Studies indicate that babies that are worn are easier to feed and have a healthier growth rate.
  4. Babies born prematurely had regulated breathing while they were held, according to studies.
  5. Frequent movement through babywearing helps baby with their bowl movement, according to some studies.
  6. Studies indicate that babies that are held more often are more relaxed and thereby happier.
  7. Babies that are held for longer period also spit up less during studies.
  8. During studies babies that were held for longer period slept for longer periods and it was easies to make them fall asleep.
  9. Babies that were held for longer periods had relieved refluxes, according to studies.
  10. Happier and well rested babies result in happier and calmer parents, according to studies.

On top of all of these facts babywearing is known to have neurological benefits for babies. Engaging is babywearing is also known to have physical and emotional benefits for both babies and mommies. While babywearing at all times might not be practical at all times given our busy schedules and work commitments, you can definitely give it a try when you’re taking care of household chores. One of the biggest benefits of babywearing is that it leaves you with a hands-free experience, which means you can go on with your household chores while you bond with your little angel.

Not sure which carrier you should start with? There are plenty of babywearing options available in the market and it can get overwhelming at times. So, if you’re interested in getting started with babywearing after reading this article, then ring slings might be a great and convenient option for you. Give it a try and it may transform your life, your baby’s life and the equation between you and baby.

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