Babywearing Ergonomics

Babywearing Ergonomics

03 Feb Babywearing Ergonomics

If you are familiar with babywearing or the idea of attachment parenting, then you have most likely heard the word ergonomic.  There are multiple baby carrier options available in the market like: ring sling, wrap etcetera.  Often times the product description of reliable babywearing products include the word ergonomic. So, what is babywearing ergonomics? Does this really help with babywearing or is it just a fancy word?

There is so much information available about babywearing, including: safety, back health and beyond. Guess what? Ergonomics is a big part of safety, back health and beyond for parent and baby. Let’s start by understanding the dictionary definition of ergonomic:

  • a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely
  • the parts or qualities of something’s design that make it easy to use

So, the concept of ergonomic changes with the context. In this case babywearing ergonomics is:

  • Proper arrangement of your carrier. For example, if you’re using a ring sling you need to make sure it is user-friendly product to ensure it’s truly ergonomic.
  • Easy to navigate. For example, if you’re using a ring sling the ways to use it should be clear and easy.

Babywearing ergonomics can be understood as the art of babywearing with ease for maximum benefits and comfort. It is important to understand your baby carrier and use it accordingly to make sure your babywearing experience is ergonomic. Of course, there is the science of designing in ergonomics, which is taken care of by the company product developers. However, once the product is listed as ergonomic, you as a consumer have the responsibility to understand the product well to reap the maximum benefits.

With matters that involve you and your little one, there is little room for compromise. Babywearing is a great opportunity for you and your little angel to connect and better understand each other. Babywearing ergonomics allows parents to have an enjoyable experience while providing security and comfort to their little angel. So, understand what ergonomic entails and spend a little extra time understanding your babywearing product. Why? Because there are countless memories in the making when you understand babywearing ergonomics.


Linda Voon
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