Babywearing and working

Babywearing & working

27 Apr Babywearing and working

Are you pregnant with your baby and have no idea how to handle your life after your delivery? Or are you a mom that is not eligible for paid maternity leave and without any idea where you should leave your three months old baby while you go to work? Don’t you worry because working and babywearing is actually a thing now!

What exactly is babywearing?

Babywearing is the practice of using a baby sling or a similar type of carrier to carry a baby along with you. This has been in practice for centuries, with traditional slings and wraps still being used in many parts of the world. Understanding its positive contributions towards both the baby and the parent, babywearing is now gaining popularity through multiple brands that sell babywearing products like slings, wraps and other carrier types. Ensuring safe hands free experience and fascilitating things like breastfeeding, babywearing is now recommended by doctors and hospitals for the betterment of the child’s emotional health and the mother’s transition to postnatal life.

Babywearing while working at home, or while working at work!

Instead of leaving your baby in bed to observe the ceiling above them, or in a hand held carrier when you do your laundry, you can just babywear your little angel and bond while you complete your chores. Similarly, while getting your grocery or doing the dishes, or just watching the T.V, just wear your baby and enjoy the benefits of bonding! This way, you’ll also be saving your baby from conditions like plagiocephaly, a condition where the head is flatter on one side than the other. Letting the baby rest on the bed too much can cause this condition. Babywearing is the number one way to completely avoid plagiocephaly.

If you work at an organization is more accommodating and laidback about bringing your baby to work, babywearing at work can be great and ensure your productivity isn’t hampered. Babywearing at work isn’t that difficult at all. If you can babywear while you go shopping or at home when you’re doing your chores, then babywearing at work will be a piece of cake. Younger babies nap a lot, so there won’t be a need to entertain them that much. Plus, keeping your baby close to you will give baby a sense of security, so you won’t even have to worry about baby crying. When your baby is right there with you, breastfeeding will be easier. Also, babywearing your kid will help maintain the connection between the two of you.

In case you can’t engage in babywearing at work, you can always exercise the option at home!

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