Babywearing and Baby Sleep Cycle

Babywearing and Baby Sleep Cycle

20 Jan Babywearing and Baby Sleep Cycle

Babywearing has been a part of various cultures for several generations. There was a slump in mainstream babywearing after the invention of alternative baby carriers. However, there has been an increase in popularity of babywearing in recent years. With more and more parents opting for babywearing as a primary or secondary baby carrier option, the benefits and practicality of babywearing is constantly being studied and discussed. Babywearing and baby sleep cycle is a topic that is and topic of great interest among babywearing parents.

There are two types of sleep babies and people in general engage in. Nap time and the regular night time shut eye, both of which are a vital part in a baby’s growth. Infants tend to sleep more and as baby becomes a toddler, the hours spent napping start to reduce until night time shut eye becomes the sole source of rest and rejuvenation. Keeping this in mind, let’s assess how babywearing contributes towards nap time and night time sleep for baby.

Nap Time: After spending 9 months in a mother’s womb, listening to her heartbeat and enjoying the warmth, a baby starts their journey in the real world. Babies spend more time sleeping than the average person and as they grow older, the hours spent sleeping begin to restrict to night time sleeping. When baby naps if they can find the comfort of the womb, by being close to the mother’s heartbeat and warmth, then they will enjoy napping. Babywearing provides the required warmth and closeness for baby.

Night Sleep: Again, after enjoying mother’s womb and warmth for months, baby is accustomed to only that sense of familiarity when they enter the world. Being able to slowly transition from spending moments with mommy or a caregiver to sleeping at night will help baby take the smaller steps to the world. In addition, moving along with mom, dad or a caregiver throughout the day will provide movement to baby and tire them out to fall asleep better at night. As a result, babywearing helps baby transition to the real world and sleep well at night during the process.

Babywearing has been an exciting and controversial topic for parents. With some arguing that babywearing makes babies dependent and some arguing that babywearing is not practical with the modern day working lifestyle of parents. Again, just like any other parenting decision babywearing needs to be a decision based on choice and flexibility of parents. If you can spend the entire day with baby, then great. If you can’t spend the entire day with baby, then time during the evenings can provide the much needed bond between parent and baby.

Fit babywearing into your schedule as per your convenience and enjoy intimate moments with baby. Studies and experience share that babywearing helps with baby’s sleep cycle and improved sleep. There is always the added memories and moments with baby that you spend through babywearing. Ring slings are a great option for convenient babywearing. Choose the right ring sling for you and give it a shot because chances are you and baby will enjoy babywearing and the benefits that come along with it.

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