Babywearing and Baby Dependence a myth or reality?

Babywearing and Baby Dependence a myth or reality?

13 Jan Babywearing and Baby Dependence a myth or reality?

Is your baby too dependent? Will babywearing make baby clingy? Is it ok to restrain baby? These questions aren’t uncommon when it comes to babywearing. While studies have shown that babywearing stimulates physical and emotional wellbeing of babies, the decision making process (before babywearing) seems to be on the line of fire. The glaring and underlying question being: is babywearing and baby dependence a myth or reality?

Let’s start by establishing the fact that babywearing is a parenting choice. But, it is also true that a parent is often looking out for their little angle and working towards their best interest. If you are a parent you are well aware of the joys of spending time with baby and the feeling is mutual. Parents often state that the bond with their little munchkin is of the purest form. When parents bond with their little angel, their little one is always seen to enjoy the comfort and security of their parents’ presence.

Babywearing provides baby with the comfort and security of their parents. Also, the idea of dependence is a bit layered. Each baby is dependent to their parent to a certain extent because that is how nature works. So, alluding that babywearing makes a baby dependent would be the same as alluding all babies that are not worn are independent. Each parent is different and each scenario is different. But, a baby’s and parent’s response to love remains the same.

There is an instant sense of comfort and security to your baby when you embrace them. Being close to your little one makes parents happy as well. Rather than dependence, babywearing provides prolonged periods of comfort for parents and babies. To further strengthen this point let’s consider a situation. Whether you are a parent or not, you have seen a baby crying hysterically at a public place. Often times baby relaxes after their parent or caregiver embraces them. Ever wondered why this is the case? Because babies are dependent on their parents or caregivers for warmth and support.

Now, let’s get back to our main question regarding babywearing and baby dependence being a myth or reality. The fact is babywearing does not make babies dependent. Babies are already dependent on their parents for warmth, care and support. Babywearing merely provides parents and babies with the opportunity to bond and connect. With our fast paced lives it may not be practical to engage in babywearing at all times. But you can try babywearing when the opportunity arises to bond with baby, because love does not spoil. Furthermore, a baby being dependent on their parent is a natural predisposition, not a byproduct of an action like babywearing.

Babywearing is most definitely a choice a parent makes, but don’t shy away from it for the wrong reasons. Long story short, the idea that babywearing makes baby dependent is a myth! 


Linda Voon
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