Baby chewing rings- is that ok?

baby chewing rings

04 Apr Baby chewing rings- is that ok?

Baby ring slings are one of the most versatile baby carriers available on the market. Suitable for newborns and well into toddlerhood, ring slings are useful and convenient. They are well-suited for carrying babies, nursing babies and breastfeeding mothers as it facilitates discreet breastfeeding. A ring sling is designed with a ring and a sling and it is used to carry baby. Parents need to consider the practicality and the safety of anything related to baby. Particularly when you’re carrying teething babies they might chew the rings. So, baby chewing rings- is that ok?

Baby ring slings made with nylon rings are known to be sturdy after several stringent tests conducted to ensure safety of the product. You can be sure a baby ring sling is good when it meets a strict criteria for a fuss-free babywearing experience. When you choose a baby ring sling, practicality and safety are your foremost concerns. With baby involved safety goes beyond the material being sturdy and things like baby chewing rings needs to be considered.

While the fabric of the sling of your ring sling is important the ring is also important. In the market the ring sling made up of three different materials are used that are: aluminum rings, nylon rings and steel/chrome-plated rings.

Nylon rings are known to be safe given that they don’t have any joining and are sturdy. Given the endurance of well-designed rings a teething baby chewing on to a ring is not a threat. However, to protect baby from germs and to encourage good habits, it is best to have a separate tool for baby to chew on when they teeth.

Long story short, if you have a well-designed ring sling then it is ok for baby to chew onto the rings but it’s best to discourage baby from doing so. Not because the ring of a well-designed ring sling is off limits due to design but because it is off limits due to hygiene purposes. So, pick a ring sling that is well-designed for a safe and enjoyable babywearing experience!

Linda Voon
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