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attachment parenting

24 Sep Attachment Parenting 101

Though attachment parenting is a phrase coined by renowned pediatrician Dr. William Sears, the concept has been a part of human history for centuries. All cultures have expressions defining the mother and child bond. In fact, the mother child bond is also visible with all other mammals. So, the idea behind attachment parenting is intuitive but Dr. Sears structured this idea and made it mainstream in the form of 7 B’s:

  1. Birth bonding: The idea of an instant connection between the mother and child. This idea can be extended to the initial moments between adoptive and foster mother and child, as well.
  2. Breastfeeding: The idea that this should be practiced because it is beneficial for the mother and child.
  3. Babywearing: A term coined by Dr. Sears, which encourages increased caregiver and baby contact through the use of a sling. This builds a connection and understanding between parent and child.
  4. Bedding close to baby: This creates a connection and is practical particularly during the breastfeeding time period. This way both the mother and child’s sleep isn’t disrupted for prolonged periods.
  5. Belief in a reason for your baby’s cry: Babies cry for various reasons and a parent should try to identify the reason rather than letting babies cry it out. This will foster a healthier environment for babies.
  6. Beware of baby trainer: Rather than training a baby as per the convenience of a parent it’s better if the parent caters to the baby’s needs for a healthier upbringing.
  7. Balance: A child can mean a huge emotional investment, it is important for parents to balance all their relationships to maintain a healthy parenting atmosphere.

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