All you need to know about babywearing

Babywearing Guide

11 Mar All you need to know about babywearing

Babywearing is a popular trend among parents today because of all the benefits. But there is a lot of information to process about babywearing and it is important to remain informed. Here is a list of all you need to know about babywearing, so you have an informed babywearing experience and so that babywearing is a piece of cake for you.

There are different forms to Babywearing!

There are a lot of different forms of babywearing you can choose from. Having a lot of options can be a boon or a bane, so it is important to know and understand your needs. Babywearing options available include: pouches, ring slings, wraps, asian style carriers and more are available all in different fabrics and designs. The most important thing is to understand, why you are babywearing and stay true to what you’re looking for through babywearing. Make sure you’re not intimidated by the different forms of babywearing options and choose a baby carrier that is designed to help you bond with baby through a safe and sturdy experience—what a baby carrier should work towards.

Babywearing helps baby and parent thrive

Babywearing not only makes it easier for the parents to carry their baby but it also helps babies thrive. Biologically, babies need the sense of human touch for proper growth. With our fast-paced life and demands of our commitments, it is not practical to carry baby at all times. Babywearing is the ideal solution for bonding time between parents and baby at home and when parents are on the go with their chores. Researchers have proved that babies who are carried more cry less, are calmer and content, sleep more peacefully and develop better. Being a parent, part of your happiness crops from baby; so, if baby thrives, parents will also thrive.

Safety is your first and foremost priority

With matters that involve your bundle of joy you cannot compromise and safety is among the most important things to consider while making any decision related to baby. It is extremely important to ensure your babywearing product is designed with the required safety measures. Make sure that the child is securely attached to the wearer and there is enough ventilation for the baby to breathe (particularly with babies younger than 9 months, or before they develop ). As baby grows older they become interested in the world around them so it you should make sure you check on your baby frequently and ensure they are securely strapped.

Proper positioning while babywearing

Positioning of baby while babywearing is important for an ergonomic experience and it is also an important safety check. The baby weight should be evenly distributed across your back and shoulder to ensure you have an ergonomic and pain-free babywearing experience. Furthermore, your baby needs to be in a M position to ensure comfortable and safe babywearing experience for baby. To make sure you follow proper positioning guidelines while babywearing use helpful video tutorials online or anything else that can help you.

Avoid intense exercise when you’re babywearing

When you are babywearing you can engage in household chores and you can run errands. But, among other things, did you know you can also exercise when you’re babywearing? While this is a great option, it is best to avoid intense exercise while wearing your baby. Don’t sprint, run or jump on a trampoline while carrying baby. Simply put, babywearing means baby is strapped around you with a baby carrier that is designed for a safe babywearing experience while you have your hands free for activities. It is best not to push the limits with your babywearing product and enjoy it with light physical activity and exercises.

So before you jump on the babywearing bandwagon, this guide is designed to inform you. Enjoy an informed babywearing experience with your little munchkin and be prepared to strengthen your bond with baby!

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