About Babywearing

About baby wearing

28 Oct About Babywearing

At the recent ABA conference and heard a brief presentation about baby wearing. While I have always been a great advocate of using slings and carriers to make life easier for parents and for mothers in particular, I picked up a few tips from the presenter that I had not been highlighting with parents.

Generally baby wearing devices offer many options and benefits for mothers with a few of these highlighted as follows:

  • Helps baby sleep very quickly and well after and, between breastfeeds
  • Makes breastfeeding easier and quicker because the baby is conveniently close to the breast
  • Allows mother or person ‘wearing’ the baby to be hands free
  • More options with mobility than a stroller might provide

Breastfeeding in sling

There was one point made by the presenter that I realized I don’t relay well enough when I suggest mothers wear their babies.

  • The sooner you start using a sling or carrier appropriately sized for a newborn, the sooner you will both get used to it.
  • The more you use a baby wearing device, the more your body adapts to and accommodates your baby’s growth, lengthening body and weight gain. Your muscles develop and strengthen as the baby grows.
  • Research suggests baby’s language skills are more advanced and their intelligence score is higher from baby wearing.

I was really quite surprised to see the size of some of the babies being carried by their mothers at the conference until the obvious was highlighted in the talk. Many mothers will say they are not comfortable wearing their older babies. That makes perfect sense especially if they have not conditioned and strengthened their body by wearing their baby right from the beginning as a newborn. Mothers who have had c-sections are also able to wear their babies in a sling or carrier as the baby is held well above the operation site.

There are a number of baby wearing devices available and Mamaway’s ring sling is certainly one that does works very well. Try wearing your baby more and see the difference it makes.

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