ABOUT BABY WEARING (a.k.a baby carrier / baby sling)

30 Jan ABOUT BABY WEARING (a.k.a baby carrier / baby sling)

What is baby wearing?

Baby wearing is a way of carrying or wearing your baby, it can be in a baby sling or in another form of carrier. In recent years, the popularity of baby wearing is growing, and most of the parents prefer to use baby sling or baby carrier to wear their babies on their body than using a toddler.

There are plenty of benefits of using baby sling or baby carrier, and this practice is very much recommended by doctors and nursing expertise around the world. It can be enjoyed from new born, infant until toddlerhood.

Benefit of baby wearing?

According to [The Baby Book] by Dr.Sears, some benefits of baby wearing are listed:

  • Sling babies cry less
  • Sling babies learn more
  • Sling babies are more organized
  • Sling babies get “humanized” earlier
  • Sling babies are smarter

And there are many benefits go beyond that. Using a baby sling or baby carrier is convenient which you can free your hand up by carrying your baby in the carrier, breastfeeding can be easier and a baby wearing can be done at anytime, anywhere.

It is natural for babies to be attached with their mother, using a baby sling or baby carrier allows children to be happy and to build a stronger bond between the baby and mom. There is nothing more important than growing up your babies by keeping them happy.

Instead of being looked down upon in a stroller, wearing a baby enables them to be involved in our social interactions and to see their world at eye-level, this enable babies to learn more and develop well.

Is baby wearing safe?

Make sure you choose a baby sling or baby carrier with a good support that mange to hold your baby in an M shaped position, and your baby spinner to be curved in a J shape while preventing baby from slumping into a chin to chest.

Safety guideline:

  • Keep chin off the chest
  • Keep baby’s nose and mouth, uncovered
  • Supported back
  • Make sure the sling is tight
  • Your baby is in view all the time
  • Close enough to kiss

Remember to check your baby position from time to time ensuring baby’s safe, and it also keeps baby feels comfortable and happy in the carrier.

How to choose a baby sling / baby carrier?


Check the baby sing or baby sling / baby carrier to make sure it is suitable for your child weight and the joint or ring is tight enough to support your baby for long hours. Also make sure the straps and the carrier design can even weight distribution on your body to support baby’s weight.

Light weight and breathable

A 100% combed cotton fabric is the best choice because of its strong, soft and breathable material properties. A breathable material is very important to provide a comfortable environment for baby’s back.0

Baby wearing can be practiced; it is not about parenting philosophy nor any specific carrier. Because of its benefits for both babies and parents, baby wearing shall be encouraged for anyone in the family including moms, dads, grandparents…etc. Carrying your baby in a baby sling or baby carrier enable your baby growing up in a happy and loved environment, and nursing can be easy and lovely!

Linda Voon
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