When I was pregnant with my first child, I had absolutely no idea that breastfeeding pillows existed. So when another mother handed me hers to borrow I looked at it as though it were a strange alien. What role did this U-shaped pillow have to fill in my breastfeeding routine? To be embarrassingly honest, I felt a disdain towards it that one might view an excess of golfing accessories…overkill much?

Instead, I smiled at the mother, thanked her and proceeded to forget about anything to do with pillows, breastfeeding and nursing.

That is, of course, until I gave birth to my first son, Ronan, via surprise caesarean section – ouchie…that’s one quick way to destroy a life time of Pilates.

I’ve got quite a substantial bust. Which some might think is an advantage to breastfeeding, but to be honest, I think it makes it harder. Not only does my breast get in the way, meaning that I often need more than 2 hands to manage the whole feeding process (which of course I do not have!), but I also find that the weight of my breast plus the weight of my baby, plus my broken stomach muscles lead to a great deal of back pain and incorrect feeding postures.

So, not long after returning home from birth, I remembered the strange U-shaped pillow that my friend had lent me and used it for feeding.

I can tell you now, I am a complete convert. The breastfeeding pillow took all of Ronan’s weight and freed up a hand so that I was able to effectively feed without hurting my back and also ensure he was properly attached. In fact I loved it so much that I lamented ever leaving it behind when I went out!

When Ronan was weaned, I returned the pillow with a great deal of gratitude. Thank you so much to the Mummy network out there – with our powers combined we make a formidable team!

For my second pregnancy, I didn’t hesitate. I knew I would get more than value out of a nursing pillow and so bought the Mamaway Nursing Pillow. I bought this one because I could also use it as a pregnancy pillow. The other surprise benefit I have had from it is that it resists bacteria. I didn’t really think much of this when I bought it, but my second little child, Raffie likes to play with her milk.

As a result, we get a lot of milk mess around and definitely all over the feeding pillow. But it’s easy to wash the cover (it also came with a spare) and I find the pillow itself never smells like old milk or feels dirty – a BIG added bonus.

Linda Voon
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