A chance to win a Ring Sling

win a ring sling

01 Apr A chance to win a Ring Sling

A ring sling is a modern day solution for a tried an tested ancient solution called babywearing. Babywearing with a ring sling has a wide range of benefits for both baby and babywearing parents. Additionally babywearing is a practical solution as it leaves parents with a hands free bonding experience with baby. As a result, ring slings are increasingly becoming popular and more and more people are showing interest in babywearing. Sometimes you randomly stumble upon the best things in life. So, here is your chance to win a ring sling and a chance to stumble upon the best thing in your life (well arguably the best thing between you and your baby).

So what do you need to qualify for a chance to win a ring sling?

  • Have a baby in the house or have a baby on the way.
  • Tell us and your friends why a ring sling is useful for you on Facebook or Twitter by tagging us

So buck up and be prepared to join this contest!

Oh and Happy April Fools Day! The chance to win a ring sling is a prank from your Mamaway family, if you’d like this to be a reality then let us know with your comments. Or if you want to get a Mamaway ring sling right away then, pick one now on amazon

Linda Voon
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