7 Things to consider when you get a postnatal belly band

postnatal belly band consideration

22 Apr 7 Things to consider when you get a postnatal belly band

After giving birth, mothers might feel discomfort on their abdominal muscles, and many are not prepared to face this. Your once supportive abdominal muscles are now dealing with the after effects of pregnancy and giving birth- stretching and supporting a growing baby. After pregnancy and giving birth the last thing a mother wants to feel is a sense of lack of support. This is why a postnatal belly band is important for support and recovery. So, here are the 7 things to consider when you get a postnatal belly bands:

Does it provide Back Support?

One of the most important thing during the postnatal period is physical support. After carrying baby during pregnancy and enduring child birth your back has endured a lot of strain. Since your body has gone through a lot, a little support in the form of a postnatal belly band can go a long way.

Does it help with getting Back in Shape?

The changes in your body will make you feel uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Getting back to shape no longer requires a lot of effort and time. A good postnatal belly band is just what your need!

Does it provide the required Compression?

It compresses your jelly belly to help you get back in shape. The compression also promotes healthy blood circulation in your body, which helps shed extra fat to reduce your waistline. Using it regularly will help you regain your original waistline faster!

Does it help with your Waist and Abdominal Fat?

People have different postnatal experiences. While some people are genetically blessed with a flat tummy post pregnancy there are some that have a pooch. A postnatal belly band will tighten your core area and ensure you have no pooch hanging after giving birth. The best part of using it is it will make you look slimmer instantly. It tightens your body and compresses the stretchy skin and flabs of your abdomen as soon as you wear it!

Does it alleviate Stretch Marks?

Your body stretches during pregnancy and after giving birth all the stretched muscles are adjusting to its pre pregnancy state. In this process your body is left with stretch marks. If the muscles are left sagging then it intensifies the stretch marks. You can use a postnatal belly band to hold your mid riff muscles and alleviate stretch marks.

Does it support the Abdominal Area? 

During the postnatal period some women suffer from conditions diastasis recti that require belly binding and a postnatal belly band helps support the required areas. Plus, there are other things like pelvic floor relaxation that postnatal belly bands can help with.

Does it provide Comfort?

The postpartum period can be painful and uncomfortable as the pregnancy period. Your body is trying to get back to its normal state which causes a lot of discomfort and pain. During this time a postnatal belly band will help ease pain triggers like uterus contraction cramps as it wraps around your body tightly.

Does it help with overall Recovery?

The female body changes a lot after pregnancy. As a new mother you could use a little extra help to speed your recovery.

  • Spine curvature :During pregnancy, your spine curves as your belly grows. This results in back ache and discomfort.It provides the required support to help recover your spine to its original state.
  • C-Section: If you are a mother that underwent C-section, your pelvic region will require compression to help the connective tissue knit back faster.

Once you find a postnatal belly band the satisfies all these conditions, it time to grab it and enjoy a more comfortable postpartum experience!

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