5 Things you need to know about Postnatal Belly Bands

Highlighting postnatal belly bands

16 Mar 5 Things you need to know about Postnatal Belly Bands

Having a baby is a journey that starts with pregnancy but it does not end after you give birth. There is a lot of talk about pregnancy and parenting, but it is important to note that the postnatal period needs to be a part of the discourse as well. The postnatal period is when the moms body is recovering and readjusting to its pre-pregnancy state. Products like postnatal belly bands are aptly designed to help with physical support during postnatal recovery. If you’re a little skeptical about the benefits, here are 5 things you need to know about postnatal belly bands that will change your mind:

  1. Back Support: The most important thing during the postnatal period is physical support. After carrying baby during pregnancy and enduring child birth your back has endured a lot of strain. Since your body has gone through a lot, a little support in the form of a postnatal belly band can go a long way.
  2. Getting Back in Shape: During the postnatal period a mother is also looking to shed a few extra pregnancy pounds. Hitting the gym right after giving birth is not the most practical option. But, getting back in shape is possible using a postnatal belly band because it works the mid riff muscles by tightening them.
  3. Alleviate Stretch Marks:  Your body stretches during pregnancy and after giving birth all the stretched muscles are adjusting to its pre pregnancy state. In this process your body is left with stretch marks. If the muscles are left sagging then it intensifies the stretch marks. You can use a postnatal belly band to hold your mid riff muscles and alleviate stretch marks.
  4. Mid riff fat: People have different postnatal experiences. While some people are genetically blessed with a flat tummy post pregnancy there are some that have a pooch. A postnatal belly band will tighten your core area and ensure you have no pooch hanging after giving birth.
  5. Diastasis Recti: This is a condition that is trigged in some postnatal women when the mid riff connective tissue does not heal. The condition requires binding and a postnatal belly band helps support the required areas. Plus, there are other things like pelvic floor relaxation that postnatal belly bands can help with.

These are some crucial points to keep in mind to introspect about postnatal decisions you should make. While having a baby is about building a life with baby, you cannot overlook your physical health and state of being. Using products like postnatal belly bands will ensure your body is taken care of physically as you embark on a beautiful journey with baby. So, if you’re pregnant, postnatal or beyond and find yourself questioning a postnatal belly band, remind yourself it could be a boon!

Linda Voon
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