Watching my little baby sleeping like an angel, how cute and adorable the sleeping little face is. Finding him drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, it is disturbing and this might interrupt my little baby’s sleep.

Temperature in check.

Clothes and blanket in check.

The weather is not that hot, but why little baby sweat a lot when sleeping?

A baby’s metabolism is higher than toddlers,  it is normal for little babies because they are still growing. The hair follicle and sweat gland of a baby’s head area is more than the baby’s body, it is causing a baby sweats a lot especially on the head part. Furthermore, a baby’s autonomic nervous system is not well developed yet, they are sensitive towards the temperature and humidity of the environment; it may cause a baby sweat when there is only a little change.

This is actually a normal phenomenon, and there is nothing to worry about.

Reasons Why Baby Sweat when Sleeping

  1. High metabolism

A baby’s metabolism is higher than toddlers, a baby’s autonomic nervous system is not well developed yet, they are sensitive towards the temperature and humidity of the environment; it may cause a baby sweat when there is only a little change.

  1. Overdressed / thick blanket

The temperature to too warm, just this simple reason. Make sure not overdressed your baby and putting too much thick blanket on them. Check your baby temperature by touching their neck or back, if their back / neck is sweating, means the baby is feeling too warm.

  1. Meal before sleep

After having a meal, baby’s body generate heat to digest food, this is one of the reason why baby sweat when sleeping.

  1. Poor air ventilation

Make sure the indoor air ventilation is good, and room temperature is not too high, this will ensure a baby sleep tight in the room.

  1. Over exercised

This might happen to some energetic baby, when baby exercise or moving too much in the morning, their body will release the excessive heat when they are sleeping at night.

What shall I do when my baby is sweating?

  1. Make sure it is not a hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis might happen when a baby is not getting enough outdoor activity, sun your baby 10 minutes per day, and make sure there is enough calcium being taken. If excessive sweat happens constantly, remember to consult a doctor.

  1. Not overdressed

Make sure not overdressing your baby at night, keep him warm by wearing proper amount of clothes and blanket. Using too many layers will make the baby sweat when he is sleeping.

  1. Bath or change baby’s clothes

Make sure bath your baby or change his clothes when they are sweating a lot. Keep their skin surface dry to avoid skin disease. When buying your baby some clothes, remember to buy baby clothes come with 100% cotton or with breathable material.

  1. Consuming enough water

This is very important especially for babies eating staple food; the maximum amount would be 30cc of the baby’s weight. Eg: for a 10kg baby, (10kg * 30cc =300cc), and to be separated into a few times daily.

  1. Temperature regulating and anti-bacteria beddings

Some little baby get to sweat a lot at night, get them some temperature regulating beddings, like a pillow or mattress will makes your baby have a better sleep at night. An anti-bacteria function is really important to make sure keep your baby out of dust mite, to keep them growing healthy and happily!

Tips on choose baby’s sleeping and bedding products

Baby pillow/ bed

Most of the baby pillow / bed in the market made of foam or latex, some hints for you on buying a pillow or bed:

Non-toxic: A baby sleeps for more than 16 hours per day in the bed, non-chemical or non-toxic beddings can ensure they are safe in their growing period. Mamaway beddings, it is hypoallergenic and made from medical grade foam, providing an optimal comfort for both mama and their baby.

Antibacterial: To get your bedding free from bacteria and dust mite.

Moisture absorbing: Materials that get rid of build up around your baby’s head e.g. Sweat, droll & spilled milk that not only irritates their skin but can be a potential choking hazard.

Temperature Regulating: Beddings comes with temperature regulating function providing a better sleeping environment for your baby.

Sleeping bag / sleeping blanket

What is the first goes through your mind when buying some blanket or sleeping bag for your baby? Probably some cute printed one will be the first choice.

Smart temperature regulating

100% cotton is safe, but with smart cotton which is able to regulate the temperature according to your baby’s body temperature will be much even better. Even a smart cotton is being used by NASA for the space suit, its proactive heat & moisture management balances temperature by absorbing & storing heat. So your little ones won’t be too hot or too cold, help to keep them at the perfect temperature right through the night.

Light, Breathable & Dry:

Bedding products which made using breathable fibers enable to draws out excess heat and moisture even in high humidity environments, this kind of product is always good in anti-bacteria usually.

In conclusion, make sure baby’s room and living environment is dry and clean, change their clothes if they get wet from sweating to make sure your baby sleep and grow up in a better environment. Happy parenting, mama!

Linda Voon
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