4 Reasons why a Ring Sling should be a part of your New Year’s Resolution

04 Jan 4 Reasons why a Ring Sling should be a part of your New Year’s Resolution

With each new year comes a new beginning and an opportunity to start afresh. In doing so we set goals and targets to achieve throughout the year. There are various resolutions people make, but one thing that stands true for all is that we take a moment to reflect on ourselves. Being a parent (especially parents of infants and toddlers) there is a teeny tiny side of you that is selfless and you can’t imagine a new year’s resolution that doesn’t involve you bundle of joy. In light of this thought, babywearing is a perfect new year’s resolution for parents if they haven’t started it already. We’ve complied reasons why a ring sling should be a part of your new year’s resolution this year.

  • Cuteness overload: Is there ever such a thing as cuteness overload when it comes to your little one? Probably not, but through a ring sling you can spend more time observing all the milestone in your little angel’s life this year.
  • Sleep more: There is nothing more taxing then a screaming infant or toddler when you’re trying to get some shut eye at night. If you use a ring sling when you’re with baby through out the day it will make them more connected with you are your cycle (yes, sleeping and even potty!).
  • Emotional quotient: Your little munchkin relies on you for everything and there is no doubt that you want to spend time with baby. A ring sling will let you spend intimate moments with baby and this closeness will contribute towards the emotional quotient of your little angel.
  • Natural instincts: With all the craze surrounding natural diet and natural lifestyle, babywearing fits the bill. Before the invention of cumbersome baby carriers and after the invention of clothing, babywearing was the norm. So, a ring sling will keep you in close tandem with our natural instincts.

The benefits of babywearing are proven and if you aren’t already engaging in this then it’s time to begin informed ring sling practices. Getting a ring sling is the first step towards starting your new year’s resolution. So, hurry and get a ring sling now and spend intimate moments with the most precious part of your life, your baby. Believe me just glancing at them up close and personal will melt your heart and you will not regret investing in your ring sling.

Are you convinced a ring sling should be a part of your new year’s resolution?

Linda Voon
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