3 Reasons why you need a Postnatal Belly Band

need postnatal belly band

14 Dec 3 Reasons why you need a Postnatal Belly Band

If you are pregnant, you must be going through mixed feelings. There is a whole lot of excitement about welcoming a new bundle of joy but some anxiety about the postnatal period. Thanks to postnatal belly bands, the postpartum period has become a lot easier for mothers. We’ve come up 3 reasons with why you need a postnatal belly band.

  1. Recovery: The female body changes a lot after pregnancy. As a new mother you could use a little extra help to speed your recovery.
    • Spine curvature: During pregnancy, your spine curves as your belly grows. This results in back ache and discomfort. A postnatal belly band provides the required support to help recover your spine to its original state.
    • C-section: If you are a mother that underwent C-section, your pelvic region will require compression to help the connective tissue knit back faster.
  2. Comfort: The postpartum period can be painful and uncomfortable as the pregnancy period. Your body is trying to get back to its normal state which causes a lot of discomfort and pain.
    • Uterus contractions: The walls of the uterus expand as your baby grows. After you give birth, your uterus needs to shrink back to its former state. Until your uterus gets back to its normal size, you might experience uterus contraction pain. A postnatal belly band will help ease these contraction cramps as it wraps around your body tightly.
    • Support: As a mother, you will naturally want to hold your little one. Constantly picking up your baby puts a lot of strain to your lower back. A postnatal belly band will support your back and help reduce backache.
  3. Shaping-up: The changes in your body will make you feel uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Getting back to shape no longer requires a lot of effort and time. A good belly band will do the trick!
    • Compression: Postnatal belly bands compresses your jelly belly to help you get back in shape. The compression also promotes healthy blood circulation in your body, which helps shed extra fat to reduce your waistline. Using a postnatal belly band regularly will help you regain your original waistline faster!
    • Waist trimmer: The best part of using a belly band is it will make you look slimmer instantly. It tightens your body and compresses the stretchy skin and flabs of your abdomen as soon as you wear it!

Hurry up and get your postnatal belly band, for a comfortable and enjoyable postpartum period. Are you a new mother or do your know a new mother? With the holiday season right around the corner, this is a useful and thoughtful gift. Click here and get it shipped now!

Linda Voon
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